Theatre Production Videos

Theatre is a specialist area when it comes to filming. You need to get the lighting and white balance correct, the sound right and time the movements of the camera to the beats of the scene. After being involved with theatre for numerous years, whether it is performing on stage, helping backstage, directing or filming productions, our videographers have developed a good knowledge around theatre and particularly how to film them correctly. 

Michael has been very honoured to freelance with a company called 'Theatrepeople', where he developed skills in filming theatre. It was here that he was fortunate enough to assist filming shows such as Lion KingGrease, Strictly Ballroom, Fiddler on the Roof, Anything Goes and more! 

We thoroughly enjoy filming theatre, whether it is a musical or a play. We also enjoy filming new Australian works and independent theatre productions, as it is so good to see and help promote Australian theatre!

Package One :

2 Camera Coverage 
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Are you involved in an upcoming theatrical production? Would you like to be able to remember the performance with 2 camera video recording? With this 2 camera package, your show will be covered with one camera that has a wide shot, and another camera that can have varying shot sizes including long shots, medium shots, medium close ups, close ups etc. Having your show edited with two cameras means that the recording will be engaging and showcase just how amazing your show really was.
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Example of a Promotional Video created for a cabaret performance. 
Example of a Music Video recorded at a live Gig.  


“Michael is hands down the best videographer I have ever worked with. His attention to detail, communication and professionalism puts others to shame, and the quality of his work and speed of turnaround for the finished product is outstanding! There was no request too big or detail too small for Michael to accommodate, and I would highly recommend Michael to anyone in the performing arts industry.” 

-Hannah Boland, Comedian