Hire a videographer you can trust!
Michael Wilson is a Melbourne-based videographer. 

Michael has been working behind the camera for several years now. In this time, Michael has taken every opportunity he has been given to expand his skill set and create new contacts in the industry. Michael has had the privilege of filming many professional theatre productions in Melbourne such as ' The Lion King ', ' Strictly Ballroom ', ' Grease ', ' Anything Goes ' and more!

Michael enjoys offering his clients coverage of their event, so that it can be remembered and watched for years to come. Michael has filmed a variety of events, from weddings, to theatre performances, to dance concerts and even sporting events! 

Michael enjoys what he does, and prides himself on running his buisness on honesty whilst ensuring his quality is always to a high standard. No matter what event you need covered, rest assured that Michael and his team will ensure that you are given optimum quality!